Martin Fröst

“Fröst exhibited a virtuosity and a musicianship
unsurpassed by any clarinettist
— perhaps any instrumentalist — in my memory.”
The New York Times, December 2013
”Until you’ve heard Martin Fröst,
you really haven’t heard the clarinet.”
The Times

”In earlier times, the talent of Martin Frost
would have attracted suspicion. Like that of Paganini…
there is something approaching the supernatural
about his command of his instrument.”
New York Times
”A true performance artist as unpredictable
as he is brilliant.”
The Independent
”One of the most interesting, virtuosic and
daring musicians of our time.”
Fonu Forum
” of the best, most recognised respected soloists
around the world... music fans were quietly thanking God
that they had been allowed to experience this concert.”
Anzeiger Harlingerland
”He is certainly the reigning exponent of the clarinet
today with a performance style totally unique
and technically astounding...”
Hollywood Today

Latest news

Record-breaking CD: Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto

Martin Fröst’s recording of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto (with Amsterdam Sinfonietta/Peter Oundjian) and Quintet (with Vertavo Quartet) on BIS Records has passed the 250'000 mark in sales, making it the best-selling BIS production ever.

Martin Fröst is “Facing the music” in The Guardian

From Schubert to Widmann to Mick Jagger – Martin talks about his musical tastes on and off the concert platform.   Photo: Nikolaj Lund

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”Until you’ve heard Martin Fröst,
you really haven’t heard the clarinet.”

The Times

Martin Fröst