Fantastic reviews for “Night Passages”

Martin Frösts latest album “Night Passages”, which has been released on April 22, 2022 has gained beautiful reviews worldwide. With its ecclectic mix of Baroque, Jazz and Folk music and tailormade arrangements by Martin Fröst, Sébastien Dubé and Roland Pöntinnen, the album opens up new ways of looking at the clarinet repertoire.

The album is available here:
Night Passages


“Night Passages, the very own and idiosyncratic album by the clarinetist Martin Fröst, is an entertaining journey through the music epochs and styles, the sound is highly exciting and the music is simply very touching.”
– Deutschlandfunk

“No Lust for the Comfort Zone. With the album “Night Passages” the clarinetist revolves around his most existential musical experiences in an intimate trio formation”
– Rondo

“Mr. Fröst performs with honeyed tone and aptly reveals the character of each piece”
– The Wall Street Journal

“Master clarinetist Martin Fröst: Enthusiasm and sensitivity. This album doesn’t create a story as much as it is pervaded by a transcendental feelin” – Fono Forum

“Versatile Virtuoso – Martin Fröst is a musical multitasker. The album makes a welcome change from the endless recycling of clarinet warhorses elsewhere in the catalogue. Plaudites to Sony for giving Fröst freedom to traverse this breadth of repertoire, highlighting both his own versality and that of the clarinet.”
– BBC Music Magazine

“Fröst slithering into the texture like a snake, prowling around the chords, and then spiraling like an ecstatic vine as it reaches the sunlight. Their terrific command of style in this sentimental song spells out a neat combination of bittersweet and swing.”
– Papageno

“A journey through memories, chaos and sounds. A sensitive musical resurrection.”
– Dagens Nyheter

“A cocoon spun from sweetly connecting melodies coexists with the challenging lures of the outside world and dedicated excursions in the unpredictable, where the limits of improvisation and virtuosity can be exceeded. (…) Intimate and sometimes crazy irrational conversations between three nocturnal passengers who have left the crash behind, on their way to an awakening.”
– Dagens Nyheter

“These highly raised tones, the perfect control over the clarinet without any squeaking or hissing, grab you right away with the incredible amount of skill and elegance. My personal hero is the double bass: hoarse and sonorous, at times plucked, at times slapped. (…) While listening to the album you feel transported into another world, into dim darkness, to a basement bar, a jam session with friends.”
– WDR3 Tonart (Antonia Ronnewinkel)

“Night Passages – a dreamy sequence of Scarlatti and Chick Corea, folk songs and Bach.”
– Tom Service on BBC Music Matters

”If you look at the genesis of the CD “Night Passages” by clarinetist Martin Fröst and listen to what came out of it, there is nothing cliché about it at all, but something deeply personal and authentic.”
– SR Radio, Germany, The CD of the week (Karsten Neuschwender)