Fröst mesmerizes the audience of Salzburger Grosse Festspeilhause

Martin Fröst gave 3 sold out performances in the Grosse Festspielhaus in Salzburg together with Andrew Manzie and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. The two performances of Mozart´s Clarinet Concerto and one of Rolf Martinsson´s Concert Fantastique were all received with enthusiasm and standing ovations by the mesmerized audience and when the wild acclaim after the klezmer encores was rewarded with a heart rendering of the first Prelude by Bach,

Salzburger Nachrichtens Karl Harb wrote:
“In his interaction with the orchestra, Fröst seems to be physically present in each phrase. His somewhat cool interpretation is however built up and blown in exquisite beauty, clear, soulful and supplied with fine dynamic facets.”

Martin Fröst showed that he can break loose in a charming kletzmer encore. There his instrument became a character role and one could imagine why the Swedish clarinettist is treasured not only as a brilliant dialogue partner in chamber music by the most famous colleagues but also as commissioner of new works. As an ambassador for new Swedish music, his virtuosity makes almost anything possible. He fills it with clear attack, a caressing, blossoming tone which fades away into almost soundless piano which is also joyful and brightly attacking and with a playing technique of seemingly endless bravura.