Genesis premieres in Stockholm

“Fröst finds his own voice” is the headline of Sweden’s leading paper Dagnes Nyheter which then continues “… life is born out of darkness and a distant clarinet: Martin Fröst follows his choreographed concert performance of “Dollhouse” with the world premiere of “Genesis” and moves his focus from the exploration of the power and balance between orchestra, conductor and soloist to a clear questioning of the interpretative tradition ….drawing the audience in on “a small fast track through the history of music … “
The two performances of “Genesis” at Stockholm’s Konserthus last week were the fastest selling tickets of the hall’s season.  Audiences who had experienced “Dollhouse” in 2013 knew what might be on offer and signed up immediately for the next installment – an absorbing musical odyssey with a philosophical question at its roots: Does the past influence us or do we influence the past?
 “This was not just a musical journey across time but also a theatrical experience of rank” wrote Aftenposten. “A musical dramatic performance of the highest level … rarely have two hours passed so quickly, and contained so much.”
Whilst audiences in both Sweden and abroad eagerly await for “Genesis” to return to the stage, audiences can experience the music on Martin’s new album – “Roots” – which is now available to pre-order worldwide