Martin Fröst enjoys a long-term collaboration with Buffet Crampon, the French manufacturer of woodwind instruments. With Buffet Crampon as a supporting partner, Martin has the possibility to experiment with the world’s finest instruments, explorations which allow him to reach new levels in his music-making.

My partnership with Buffet Crampon plays a significant part in my career; the instruments and support they provide are invaluable to me.

The name of Buffet Crampon is firmly established in the tradition of the manufacture of top-of-the-range woodwind instruments. Since 1825 the company has developed an exceptional know-how of instrument manufacture, and musicians have continued to achieve artistic excellence and find musical passion with their Buffet Crampon instruments. In close dialogue with renowned artists, such as Martin Fröst, the company strives to combine tradition with modernity, know-how with creativity and history with innovation, in order to present wind instruments of the finest quality.