“Because of recent developments in my life, I took some important personal decisions and also made some crucial artistic choices. The most important of these were to start the foundation. I am so happy that we are finally making this happen and for the great and generous support by Buffet Crampon.”

Martin Fröst
The renowned clarinettist Martin Fröst launches the ​‘Martin Fröst Foundation’ this spring in his homeland Sweden, followed by launches in Beijing, Paris, New York and London later in 2019. The purpose of the Foundation is to give children and young people from all over the world the opportunity to receive music education, enable access to instruments and develop the classical concert form for future generations.

The main sponsor of the Foundation is Buffet Crampon, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind instruments and leader in professional clarinets. Buffet Crampon will donate instruments to the Foundation and provide vital financial support. The launch of the Foundation will take place at the Stockholm Concert Hall on 23 April, where Fröst will give a concert together with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Adolf Fredrik’s Girls’ Choir.

The Foundation will provide resources that can improve and enable children’s and young people’s access to music education and instruments, with a particular focus on regions where cultural resources exist, but financial means are lacking. Buffet Crampon will donate 2 euros to the Martin Fröst Foundation for each student clarinet sold. In addition, the Foundation’s purpose will be to support the development of the classical concert form — something that Fröst constantly strives to explore through his critically acclaimed projects. Partner Buffet Crampon will assist in providing funds to people and organisations aiming to open new doors and influence the development of classical music for future audiences.
“We are honoured and enthusiastic to associate the name of Buffet Crampon to this humanitarian project. We have been very closed of musicians all over the world since almost 200 years and are very proud with this partnership to help artistic creation and talent of young musicians.”

says Jérôme Perrod, CEO of Buffet Crampon Group
Martin Fröst will be supported by a board including Hermann Stefánsson, professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and Peter Norman, Swedish economist and former Minister for Financial Markets in the Swedish Government. The Artistic Advisory Board will be chaired by Yehuda Gilad, founder and professor of clarinet at the Colburn Conservatory and professor at USC, and will be assisted by the great clarinetists and teachers Antonio Saiote and Keith Lipson, who will also join the artistic committee for the foundation.