New York is alive to the sound of Martin Fröst’s clarinet


Martin returned to New York last month, launching the new season with two concerts at the Mostly Mozart Festival. The New York Times welcomed him back, previewing his appearance as the “stupendous Swedish clarinettist” and following with a review which opened “In earlier times, the talent of Martin Frost would have attracted suspicion. Like that of Paganini… there is something approaching the supernatural about his command of his instrument”.

New York did not leave it at that. Whilst in the big apple the International New York Times met up with Martin to interview him about the new season and talk about upcoming projects, including performances of “Dollhouse and a major new project entitled “Genesis” which is currently in the making: Few performers on any instrument have earned a reputation for virtuosity and seductive tone comparable to that enjoyed by Mr. Frost for more than a decade … And Mr. Frost can be expected to champion the clarinet’s repertoire of concertos and chamber works for many years to come — a repertoire he has helped to enlarge through numerous commissions.”