Reviews of the month

”But the spotlight that night was on woodwind. Partnered with the Elias String Quartet, Fröst was consistently mesmerising in Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet, his tone silky and seamless, every note meaningful.”
– The Guardian, 20 May 2013, Erica Jeal


”Martin Fröst played – and rarely has the cliché been so appropriate – the stars out of the sky! The performance of Brahms Hungarian Dances even surpassed the version on his latest CD, Dances to a Black Pipe (…) It is almost as if the clarinet, like a conductor´s baton, conjures the tree tall, skinny body of this musician as a snake.”
”We all knew that the clarinet is a smart and adaptable wood wind instrument but as Martin Fröst plays the instrument, even more dimensions unfold (…) In the Clarinet Concerto by Aaron Copland, Fröst could show off his qualities, an intensely singing tone and a fabulous agility (…) Already last year in the Concertgebouw, he let us hear how totally at home he is in this sublime Eastern European swing with matching acrobatics and intentional scratch sounds. This time it was even more engaging because of his continuous interaction with the musicians of the Sinfonietta.”
– De Volksrant, Amsterdam, Frits van der Waa


”With his very personal tone, his exact playing, with musicality and inventiveness, he was convincing all the way through (…) Fröst gave an impressive demonstration that “slowly and expressively” by no means has to lead to “kitsch”. In the Hungarian Dances by Brahms, arranged by his brother Göran Fröst, he found a perfect balance between the rustic and the elegant.”
– Hannoversche Allgemeine, 23 April 2013, Reiner Wagner


”Martin Fröst is considered the “Paganini of the Clarinet” (…) He moved flowingly and with an indescribable lightness between demanding technical effects and melodic expression. The clarinet resounded as an enormously versatile instrument. It enchanted seductively and whispered tenderly, it chirped happily, howled, screamed and nagged, swayed dancingly over the floor and, with almost inaudible tones, built up a fascinating tension (…) The “Klezmer Dances for Clarinet and String Orchestra”, arranged by Göran Fröst, evoked passion and joy of living. They enticed the audience to erupt in storms of enthusiastic acclamation.”
– Mittelbayerische Zeitung, 25 April 2013, Michael J David


“Enchantingly beautiful, expressive sounds
[Fröst] loves to reach out over the limits of the music; he dances, conducts and tests the limits of possibilities on the modern concert stage. on Coplan´s Clarinet Concerto……. celebrates the big and wide American soul and landscape. Fröst evokes all this in the widely spanned lines of his clarinet. The clarinet magic of the cadenza was followed by fulminantly rhythmical music: a refined “Oklahoma”, a soloistic firework.”
– Neumarkter Nachrichten 25 May 2013, Uwe Mitsching